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Saturday, November 24, 2012

AIW Hell on Earth 8

Results from last night's @aiwrestling #HOE8 event at Turner Hall in Cleveland Ohio - all AIW wrestling blog posts.

  1. Jacka defeated Biff Busick via submission in a Beyond Wrestling Showcase match.

  2. The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico with Gary Jay) defeated the Old School Express (Jock Samson and mystery partner Marion Fontaine) when Gelistico pinned Samson using the ropes for leverage.

  3. Josh Alexander pinned Louis Lyndon after hitting a spinning tombstone piledriver in a triple-threat match also involving Davey Vega.

  4. Ethan Page (with Seleyza Sparx) defeated Colin Delaney when Sparx splashed Southern Comfort in Delaney's face allowing Page to hit his finisher and score the pinfall.

    Michael Elgin has Johnny Gargano
    in a compromising position during their match.
    Prior to the match between Team AIW and Nixon
    Wrestling, the chairs were removed from the arena.

    Veda Scott came to the ring with Southside St. Clair and demanded title opportunities for herself and Greg Iron. Iron announced he was suffering from throat cancer and wrestled his last AIW match. AIW Acting President Matt Wadsworth came out and explained there wasn't enough time available on the show for both of them to receive title shots so he booked one title match tonight which led to ...

  5. Hope and Change (Greg Iron and Veda Scott with Southside St. Clair) defeated AIW Tag Team Champions The Batiri (Kodama & Obariyon with Veronica Ticklefeather) to win the titles after St. Clair stole Ticklefeather's baton allowing Iron to strike Obariyon with it and Scott to score the pin.

    The Batiri appeared to win the match after Obariyon pinned Iron but the match continued due to Iron, because of his cerebral palsy, requires a 4-count by the referee to count as a pinfall.


  6. AIW Womens Champion Allysin Kay defeated K.C. Warfield via triangle choke submission.

  7. Youthanazia (Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross) beat Irish Airborne (Jake and Dave Crist) when Prohibition pinned Jake Crist after hitting the Drunken Driver. Youthanazia will receive a future AIW Tag Team Championship match.

  8. Johnny Gargano defeated Michael Elgin via the Garga-No-Escape (Chickenwing over the shoulder crossface) submission.

    The next match was Nixon Wrestling (Rickey Shane Page, Bobby Beverly, Eric Ryan and a mystery partner) against Team AIW (AIW Absolute Champion Tim Donst, Intense Division Champion B.J. Whitmer, Eddie Kingston and a mystery partner). Nixon was out first led by The Duke. He announced their mystery partner was Necro Butcher. AIW Acting President Matt Wadsworth announced Team AIW's mystery partner was Chris Dickenson which led to .....

  9. Nixon Wrestling (Rickey Shane Page, Bobby Beverly and Eric Ryan and Necro Butcher) defeated Team AIW (AIW Absolute Champion Tim Donst, Intense Division Champion B.J. Whitmer, Eddie Kingston and Chris Dickenson) by disqualification when Johnny Gargano interfered on behalf of Team AIW and was ruled ineligible for the match by Nixon referee Tom Dunn. During the match Dickenson attached Whitmer leading to both wrestlers being removed.
    Tim Donst and Eddie Kingston fight backstage

  10. In a return bout from AIW Straight Outta Compton, the main event was a 30 minute Iron Man Match in which AR Fox defeated ACH 3 falls to 2. Order of pinfalls: (1) ACH pinned Fox using a standing hurracarana at 2:30 (2) ACH forced Fox to tap out in the Scorpion Death Lock at 12:00; (3) Fox pinned ACH after a top-rope beal at 14:00; (4) Fox pinned ACH at 19:00; (5) Fox won the final fall when ACH was counted outside the ring at 29:57.

Girls Night Out Leader board

Allysin Kay (6-1) - Champion
  1. Hailey Hatred (8-0)
  2. "Crazy" Mary Dobson (3-1)
  3. Sammi Lane (3-1)
  4. Veda Scott (3-2)
  5. Mickie Knuckles (3-2)
  6. Cherry Bomb (2-0)
  7. K.C. Warfield (2-2)
  8. Jennifer Blake (2-2)
  9. Sara Del Rey (2-4)
  10. Athena (1-0)
  11. Madison Eagles (1-0)
  12. Marti Belle (1-0)
  13. Nikki St. John (1-0)
  14. Taeler Hendrix (1-0)
  15. Thunderkitty (1-0)
  16. Annie Social (1-1)
  17. Melanie Cruise (1-1)
  18. Mena Libra (1-1)
  19. Kimber Lee (1-2)
  20. Super Oprah (1-2)
  21. Angel Dust (1-3)
  22. Roxie Cotton/Gabby Gilbert (1-3)
  23. Mia Yim (1-4)
  24. Arella Angel (0-1)
  25. Courtney Rush (0-1)
  26. Jenny Rose (0-1)
  27. Leva Bates (0-1)
  28. Lil' Naughty (0-1)
  29. Luscious Latasha (0-1)
  30. Taylor Made (0-1)
  31. Trash Cassidy (0-2)
  32. Miss Heidi (0-3)
  33. Sassy Stephie (0-3)

AIW: Point Break

9/23/2012 Cleveland, Ohio @ Turner Hall

Before and After: Davey Vega hits Seleyzia Sparx with a
Yakuza Kick. Vega was aiming for "All Ego" Ethan Page,
but Page ducked and his valet took the blow.
AIW Absolute Champion Tim Donst has
control of ACH during the main event of Point Break
  1. Dustin Payz pinned Isaias Velesquez after hitting a driving knee strike.

  2. Ethan Page (with Seleyza Sparx) beat Davey Vega.

  3. The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico) defeated Jock Samson and his mystery partner (his bullrope Conway) via count out when Conway was the legal man, was thrown over the top rope, and Samson forgot to bring it back into the ring.

  4. Colin Delaney won a fatal four way pinning Gary Jay after hitting the Larry Sweeney 12 large elbow from the top rope in a match also involving Façade and Josh Alexander.

  5. Veda Scott (with Greg Iron) pinned Mia Yim when Iron distracted Yim leading to a school girl roll-up.

  6. Greg Iron (with Veda Scott) beat Josh Prohibition after delivering a low blow and hitting handicapped parking. Prohibition was initially ruled the winner after hitting the drunken driver. Scott ordered the match re-started stating Iron, because of his cerebral palsy, requires a 4-count by the referee to count as a pinfall.

  7. The match between Intense Champion B.J. Whitmer and Eddie Kingston was thrown out when Nixon Wrestling (Eric Ryan, Rickey Shane Page and Bobby Beverly) ran out and attacked Whitmer. Initially it appeared Kingston was in cahoots with Nixon but later helped Whitmer to clear the ring.

    Afterward it was revealed the leader of the Nixon group is The Duke. Chest Flexor came out and appeared to be part of Nixon as both owned half of AIW. The Duke, as part owner of AIW, re-instated Ryan, Page and Beverly. Flexor was subsequently kicked and beat down by Nixon. The Duke announced that Ryan would receive his Absolute Title re-match tonight and Page and Beverly would face Whitmer and Kingston.


  8. AIW Tag Team Champions The Batiri (Kodama & Obariyon with Veronica Ticklefeather) defeated AEROFORM (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon with Chest Flexor) when Kodma pinned Lyndon after an F5 kick combination. During the match Ticklefeather chased Flexor to the back.

  9. AIW Womens Champion Allysin Kay defeated "Crazy" Mary Dobson when Sammy Geodllno interfered allowing Kay to throw Dobson off the top rope onto a chair and picking up the win.

  10. Irish Airborne (Jake and Dave Crist) beat Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly) when Jake Crist pinned Cole after a top rope dropkick / spike piledriver combo.

  11. Eric Ryan came out for anticipated AIW Absolute Title match. However Acting President Matt Wadsworth and Chest Flexor came out and announced instead of Ryan's title re-match tonight, he would face Johnny Gargano instead.

    Johnny Gargano pinned Eric Ryan after hitting the Uniquely You (Full nelson reverse STO). Afterward, Gargano was attacked by Nixon until BJ Whitmer & Eddie Kingston made the save which led to ....

  12. B.J. Whitmer and Eddie Kingston defeated Rickey Shane Page and Bobby Beverly (with Duke) via disqualification when Duke attacked referee Jake Clemons when Whitmer had Beverly in the peruvian neck tie. Eric Ryan attacked Whitmer only to run away by Johnny Gargano, Tim Donst and ACH. The fight ended up outside the building leaving ACH and Donst in the ring leading to .....

  13. AIW Absolute Champion Tim Donst defeated ACH via From Dusk 'til Donst (Crossface / Scissored armbar) submission. Afterward, Nixon came out again but was run off by Gargano, Kingston & Whitmer. Gargano formed an alliance with Donst, ACH, Whitmer and Kingston to rid AIW of Nixon.

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